Given in conjunction with the York Small Business Enterprise Centre in York Region, Loyal Order is proud to present a 60-minute webinar meant to to take those with no-to-little knowledge of buying ads on Facebook and Instagram and give them the confidence to get started.


About the Webinar

Many people don’t know that Facebook owns Instagram, and thus ads for both social networks are bought from the same place. The first 45-minutes of this session will guide you through getting started with Facebook’s Ads Manager, and then dive into each of the many types of ads you can buy. From post likes to store visits you’ll get an introduction to every ad and how to measure their success. We’ll take a look at the types of reporting Facebook offers, and how to interpret them to understand if you’re reaching your objectives. Finally, the floor will be opened for the final 15-minutes to a general Q&A. Bring your toughest questions and let us do our best to answer you live!


When & Where

February 27, 2018 via YouTube Live


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