Given in conjunction with the York Small Business Enterprise Centre in York Region, Loyal Order is proud to present a 60-minute webinar meant to to take those with no-to-little knowledge of buying ads on Facebook and Instagram and give them the confidence to get started.



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Q: I heard that Facebook is limiting the amount of ads, is that true?
A: Facebook has announced they won’t show as much unpaid brand content as before. They’ll still show ads, likely as much as before, but because more of us will now be bidding for those ads it’s likely costs will rise a bit.

Q: I set a target audience by occupation (i.e. real estate agents) and the ads keeps appearing to people who are not even in that industry. why?
A: I’d have to see the targeting specifically to know, but it’s possible you accidentally selected people with an interest in real estate vs. people with real estate as their job? Feel free to email me a screen shot of the targeting and I’ll review it!

Q: One of my main objects is to build my email list so is the ad that sends people to my website where I have an opt in the best option?
A: Depending on your level of comfort you may want to send people to a page using Link Clicks as your objective. However, once you’re feeling more comfortable you can use Lead Generation under Conversions to drive an actual email address collection.