Given in conjunction with the York Small Business Enterprise Centre in York Region, Loyal Order is proud to present a 60-minute webinar custom-tailored to small businesses targeting a local clientele with a guide to claiming your business listings, optimizing your social media profiles, and planning your ongoing social media content and response to build awareness, trial, and loyalty with your customers, all in the time it takes to finish your morning coffee.

Download the Presentation

Loyal Order’s Business Information Spreadsheet

Loyal Order’s Content Calendar Strategy Worksheet

About the Webinar

Have you ever searched your business on Google only to find it contains inaccurate information, or is missing altogether? Tired of seeing teenagers on their phones acquiring thousands of Instagram followers while you don’t even have the time to share a photo? Struggling to know how you can make successful Facebook posts on a low budget and even less free time? Get a coffee or tea and join us for this lightning-round webinar that will give you and your small, local business all the info you need to start taking control of your business online. Learn the tricks to claiming and owning your brand online so local customers find you the first time. Let us walk you through the back-end of a Facebook page to show you the tricks to putting your best social food forward. And snag our (almost) famous content calendar spreadsheet and learn how a few minutes once a month can create a month’s worth of smart and strategic social content. We’ve even left a 15-minute Q&A at the end so any questions we didn’t answer can get answered live in the video chat. If you’ve got a small, local business this isn’t a webinar to miss!