Loyal Order is the local business, digital, and social media marketing consultancy owned by Rick Tanton.

Rick began his business consulting on digital for local businesses in 1994 when he would commute from his home outside Toronto to a small village outside Ottawa every week to create a website for a local steak house. In the 20+ years since, while building his reputation working for many of the largest household names in CPG, alcohol, automotive, and Government as an agency strategy lead, he had continued to dedicate evenings and weekends to giving smaller, local businesses a leg up.

Then, in 2016, he took it full time.

Loyal Order specializes in helping you, a small business entrepreneur with big dreams and little time, use digital and social media channels to grow your business. To help customers find you, to grab their loyalty, and become more profitable.

Looking to get started? Read up on the Services we offer, review some of our previous client work, or go hassle-free by attending one of our absolutely free webinars – you don’t even need to register to take part, you just need a YouTube account!